Information regarding the administration of Hostico services, as well as updates to cPanel & Plesk.

Find out all the information regarding the new customer support system, the transition to the BT card payment module, as well as pricing updates for cPanel & Plesk.HosticoblogPublished 15/03/2023 by Mark Dohi
Support Hours & cPanel and Plesk Updates

The services and technologies that Hostico offers to our customers are constantly updated to improve the overall user experience. We invite you to check out the latest news from our company, as well as the changes made to the cPanel and Plesk commercial policies.

Online payment processor

At the end of April 2022, we announced the transfer of bank accounts to Banca Transilvania, as well as the opening of a USD account for customers who wish to pay their bills in US dollars.
The transition process went smoothly, and the feedback received following the change was positive. As a result, we decided to centralize card payment services, also within BT.
The conversion to the new processor will take place on 06/04/2023 and implements two new functions:

  • A USD payment portal for all customers accessing the version, who have set USD as their currency in their account
  • A new card management system that allows the addition and management of multiple cards

As a service provider, Hostico will not store the "sensitive" data related to the cards inserted on the platform, this process being fully carried out by the payment processor.

Adding cards will significantly facilitate the bill payment process, as once the data has been saved in the account, it will no longer need to be re-entered for future transactions.

With the implementation of card management, customers who have enabled recurrence for a service before date 06/04/2023 will need to update their card details used for recurring payments. These customers will be contacted by the Hostico support team to ensure continuity of recurrence on the new system implemented.

Changing the card processor will not bring major changes to the process of making transactions from the customer account, and the interface that you have become familiar with so far remains unchanged. We recommend consulting the articles General card management and Managing recurring payments for more information.

Support hours

For us, the assistance system represents one of the cornerstones in our relationship with customers. Based on this, we want to expand the horizons of the services offered. As a result, we have designed a new system on the client side in which hosting package owners can opt to purchase support hours for performing operations not included in standard assistance.

The counting of support hours for requests will be done based on the time allocated for solving the problem by the Hostico technical operator. The general management of the operations performed, as well as the general situation of the remaining hours, can be tracked from the graphical interface found in the client account.

The support hours can be used both by the main account administrator and by any approved technical sub-accounts for this type of operation.

The standard support will remain free when purchasing any hosting package managed by Hostico.

For more information regarding support hours, as well as detailed explanations regarding the hour counting interface, please check the article Support hours.

cPanel & Plesk pricing updates

Starting with 01/01/2023, the cPanel license provider (also owner of the Plesk brand) has increased the prices for all types of cPanel (WHM) and Plesk licenses.

As in the case of previous price increases, we have decided to come to our clients' aid, thus, in the first months, the cost increases were fully supported by Hostico. However, following these changes, we are forced to adjust the license prices to reflect these changes. Therefore, starting with 23/03/2023, the cPanel and Plesk licenses will have the following pricing structure:

Current Price
New Price
cPanel 1 Account
cPanel 5 Accounts
cPanel 30 Accounts
cPanel 50 Accounts
cPanel 100 Accounts
Reseller 5 Extra Accounts
Plesk Admin
Plesk Pro
Plesk Host

*The prices in the table are calculated for monthly billing periods and do not include the applicable 19% VAT.

The increase in the cost of purchasing licenses will not affect the base price of shared hosting packages, as the price difference will still be covered by us.
For VPS / Reseller hosting packages, which were activated before 23/03/2023, the new price will only be applied from 01/05/2023.
Within Reseller hosting packages, the new price will only be reflected on additional accounts (over the 10 predefined ones).

We understand the financial impact that these price increases have on contracted services, but unfortunately, we cannot influence the decisions of the third-party provider. We want to assure you that we are committed to providing you with quality and reliable services and are dedicated to doing everything possible to maintain our competitive prices.


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