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Romania 10.79$/year
Commercial 14.39$/year
Europe 9.59$/year
United Kingdom
United Kingdom 8.39$/year
Internet 16.79$/year
Italy 11.99$/year
Germany 9.59$/year
Hungary 20.39$/year
United States
United States 9.59$/year
Belgium 9.59$/year
Organization 15.59$/year
Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean 53.99$/year
France 16.79$/year
Moldavia 53.99$/year
Austria 11.99$/year
Spain 10.79$/year
India 9.59$/year
Denmark 16.79$/year
Switzerland 8.39$/year
Academy 34.79$/year
Actor 40.79$/year
United Arab Emirates
United Arab ... 41.99$/year
Africa 29.99$/year
Antigua and Barbuda
Antigua and ... 95.99$/year
Agency 29.99$/year
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial I... 172.79$/year
Albania 155.99$/year
Apartments 53.99$/year
Application 21.59$/year
Architecture 86.39$/year
Art 19.19$/year
Asia 17.99$/year
Auction 35.99$/year
Automobile 2519.99$/year
Automobile 83.99$/year
Bar 77.99$/year
Bayern München 35.99$/year
Barbados 479.99$/year
Best 29.99$/year
Bidding 35.99$/year
Biological 65.99$/year
Business 20.39$/year
Black Friday 143.99$/year
Blog 32.39$/year
Boutique 39.59$/year
The Bahamas
The Bahamas 839.99$/year
Building 76.79$/year
Business 14.39$/year
Belize 23.99$/year
Canada 31.19$/year
Coffee 35.99$/year
Capital 59.99$/year
Car 2638.80$/year
Cars 2638.80$/year
House / Home 15.59$/year
Catering 35.99$/year
Cocos Islands
Cocos Islands 13.19$/year
Center 23.99$/year
CEO 98.39$/year
City 23.99$/year
Click 10.79$/year
Clothing 39.59$/year
Cloud 26.39$/year
Club 17.99$/year
Colombia 32.39$/year
United Kingdom
United Kingdom 9.59$/year
Coach / Coac... 59.99$/year
Coffee 35.99$/year
Romania - Commercial
Romania - Co... 10.79$/year
Commercial Ukraine
Commercial U... 35.99$/year
Company 15.59$/year
Computer 35.99$/year
Cooking 35.99$/year
Cool 35.99$/year
Credit 93.59$/year
Czech Republic
Czech Republic 32.39$/year
Întâlnire 57.59$/year
Dentist 63.59$/year
Dentist 57.59$/year
Design 47.99$/year
Developer 29.99$/year
Digital 39.59$/year
Doctor 113.99$/year
Education 32.39$/year
Estonia 155.99$/year
Email 27.59$/year
Energy 95.99$/year
Realestate 35.99$/year
Events 35.99$/year
Expert 57.59$/year
Farm 35.99$/year
Fashion 39.59$/year
Finland 26.39$/year
Movie 86.39$/year
Flight 47.99$/year
Federated States of Micronesia
Federated St... 89.99$/year
Fun 35.99$/year
Game 382.79$/year
Games 28.79$/year
Global 76.79$/year
GMBH 35.99$/year
Greece 59.99$/year
Graphics 25.19$/year
Group 19.19$/year
Guyana 125.99$/year
Hong Kong
Hong Kong 92.39$/year
Holiday 57.59$/year
House / Home 17.99$/year
Host 94.79$/year
Hosting 395.99$/year
Croatia 325.19$/year
Informations 19.19$/year
Romania - Information
Romania - In... 10.79$/year
Iceland 149.99$/year
Kazakhstan 239.99$/year
Land 35.99$/year
Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia 23.99$/year
Legal 63.59$/year
Liechtenstein 11.99$/year
Life 34.79$/year
Link 16.79$/year
Live 27.59$/year
Limited liab... 32.39$/year
Love 35.99$/year
Lithuania 26.39$/year
Limited Company 28.79$/year
Luxemburg 28.79$/year
Latvia 28.79$/year
Madrid 37.19$/year
Monaco 173.99$/year
Montenegro 17.99$/year
Mass-Media 35.99$/year
Macedonia 71.99$/year
Mobile 29.99$/year
Fashion 35.99$/year
Motorcycles 35.99$/year
Malta 270.00$/year
Mexic 47.99$/year
Name 28.79$/year
News 31.19$/year
NGO 45.59$/year
Netherlands 9.59$/year
Norway 37.19$/year
New Zealand
New Zealand 77.99$/year
One 23.99$/year
NGO 45.59$/year
Online 41.99$/year
Romania - Organization
Romania - Or... 10.79$/year
Organizations United Kingdom
Organization... 8.39$/year
Party 35.99$/year
Pet 22.79$/year
Photography 35.99$/year
Pizza 57.59$/year
Pakistan 70.79$/year
Poland 17.99$/year
Press 67.19$/year
Professional 22.79$/year
Portugal 23.99$/year
Pub 35.99$/year
Palau 23.99$/year
Reunion 10.79$/year
Realestate 95.99$/year
Rent 64.79$/year
Restaurant 52.79$/year
Serbia 203.99$/year
Run / Running 23.99$/year
Sales 35.99$/year
Saloon 57.59$/year
Sweden 22.79$/year
Singapore 107.99$/year
Shoes 57.59$/year
Shop 39.59$/year
Show 35.99$/year
Slovenia 34.79$/year
Slovakia 64.79$/year
Solutions 28.79$/year
Space 28.79$/year
Company 43.19$/year
Store 59.99$/year
Romania - Store
Romania - Store 10.79$/year
Studio 35.99$/year
Support 23.99$/year
Tattoo 44.39$/year
Team 35.99$/year
Technology 59.99$/year
Tickets 479.99$/year
Top 14.39$/year
Tur 57.59$/year
Toys 57.59$/year
Travel 219.59$/year
Tuval 34.79$/year
Ukraine 239.99$/year
St. Vincent
St. Vincent 35.99$/year
Veterinary 38.39$/year
Video 35.99$/year
VIP 21.59$/year
Vote 77.99$/year
Website 28.79$/year
Wikipedia 29.99$/year
Work 16.79$/year
Samoa 70.79$/year
Generic 19.19$/year
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Over 180 extensions are available for registration through accredited partners, so you have the certainty that no matter your business profile you will have the right domain extension.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between Hosting, Domain and Website?

When you visit a website, at first glance it would seem that the number of processes that are executed is a large one. In reality there are only three different aspects of the site that are interconnected:

- Domain name;

- Hosting;

- Website;

What do we mean by "domain"?

It is an address that visitors enter in the search engine (example or in the address bar. This address tells the search engine which hosting server to look for the site's files in order to upload them. The domain name must be purchased and pointed to a web host (by setting up nameservers) in order to serve a useful purpose. Otherwise the purchase of the domain does not serve any particular purpose. For example, with the Start package, it is possible to add a maximum of 3 sites/domains, but it does not mean that at the time of purchasing the package you also receive 3 free domain names. These must be purchased separately. Once directed (linked) to a hosting, subdomains can be created for that domain, such as or The number of subdomains that can be created is unlimited. Domains can be pointed to any hosting, being possible to manage them from the control panels.

What do we mean by the term "hosting"?

A hosting is a subscription for a space on a server, which is always kept online in order to deliver the content even when the user is not accessible. It is possible for this server to run on a local computer, however the services would only be active as long as the computer was on and there were no fluctuations in network operation. Additionally, in addition to processing speed and high uptime, hosting includes storage space on which entire sites or various individual files can be uploaded, these being displayed to visitors when accessing the domain. It is possible to change files on the hosting plan, to display different websites or can direct different domains on hosting to display websites stored for this purpose.

What is the "website"?
The website is a collection of files (possibly also databases), which are presented to the user when he visits a domain related to a hosting. Depending on the configuration of the website and its requirements (in terms of space, resource consumption), one or more hosting packages will suit it.

How can I transfer a domain to Hostico?

Transferring a domain involves generating a transfer code (it may have a different name depending on the website: ctransfer key, EPP code, Authorization key/code, domain secret, etc.). This key can be generated directly from the domain's admin panel or by contacting the original domain registrar.

When you place a transfer order to Hostico according to: Domain transfer tutorial; you must ensure that you have disabled Anti Theft Protection (Theft Protection/Domain Lock/Registrar Lock) and WHOIS/ID Protection at your current registrar, otherwise the transfer will not be possible.

What does the code 'EPP' stand for?

The EPP code also known as "Transfer Key", "Authorization Key" "Domain secret", "Transfer Key", "Transfer Code" is a string of alphanumeric characters that provides an increased level of security regarding domain administration. The code is unique to each domain and is used when transferring the domain from one registrar to another.

How do I get a domain's EPP code?

The EPP code (authorization key) can be obtained from your Hostico customer account by following the tutorial EPP Code Generation. If you are unable to complete the procedure successfully, it will be necessary to contact a Hostico representative (commercial department). To get possession of the key, you must submit a request to from the address related to the customer account on which the domain is registered.

For .ro domains, the transfer key can be generated from the ROTLD administration panel. This procedure can be followed at: .ro Domain Transfer.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, we offer telephone support, via interactive chat, by email or through tickets. The contact details and schedule of the support departments can be viewed on the page of Contact.

We aim to provide answers to 99% of questions through the pages of Tutorials respectively Frequent questions which allow the possible instant finding of a solution, respectively an answer regarding the requests, but in the event that it is not possible to identify a favorable answer, of course you can call on the assistance provided.

How do I change a domain's nameservers?

Changing the nameservers of a domain can be done from the client account according to the tutorial Setting Nameservers from the client account. For .ro domains, nameservers can also be changed from the ROTLD control panel according to the tutorial: Changing ROTLD Nameservers.

In case you encounter difficulties in changing the nameservers, you can contact the online support to resolve the situation.